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Have you ever locked your keys in your car?? 
have you ever wondered if you turned your lights off??
have you ever lost your car in the parking lot??

If you had the  
Vehicle Commander
it would never happen again!!


Welcome to,
I built this site to get my ideas out into the world. I have built several different projects and have made plans for them. Most of the projects listed here were built as an inexpensive alterative to something I wanted.  Here is how it works; look on the Products page and find a project you find interesting, there will be a description of the project and why I made it. In general I use "off the shelf" parts and assembles.


This is an On-Star® type system ... but it can be used on any vehicle and you don't call an operator. you just call your vehical to control any things in your vehical or boat of any make, model or year. You can control your vehical with any phone, cell phone or land line.

Hot Tub Cover Lift 

Lifts the cover off your tub with one hand. keeps it clean and grass free. Make this cover lift for under $15.00 


The Blog

This is my blog of whats going on and what I am working on.



Want to contribute your plans or something you have made?
e-mail us and give your skills some exposure!
The Vehicle Commander is a great example of something that I wanted but could not buy... On-Star®
I own a Dodge Caravan and Dodge does not offer an On-Star® type system, plus my van is a 94" and no one offers an On-Star® type system for older vehicles. I did have a keyless entry system installed... but if you lock your keys in the car, the remote is on the key chain. So the remote is locked in as well. 
The Vehicle Commander does not rely on a remote of any kind... you just call your vehicle using any phone, cell phone or land line. Just like calling voice mail, or any other automated system, you enter a pin number, then you can command you vehicle to do what ever you want. Unlock the doors, honk the horn, shut off the lights, disable the vehicle if is stolen. Control anything in yourvehicle with you cell phone.
Rank Title/Description
1 Vehicle Commander  
Un-lock your doors,  Lock them , honk your horn or disable your car, truck or what ever from any phone   You could call this On-Star Lite 
2 Hot tub Cover lift
Plans to build a lift to make it easer to get the job done. Build it for under $15.00 
3 Safer Spud Cannon 
A cannon that does not use fire and expositions to launch stuff. 
4 Sports Cam / Helmet Cam / In Car Cam  
You get the idea, small light camera and digital recorder you can mount anywhere. build for under $200

Ladder Golf Game 
This game is too fun so I made one and put the plans up for free. Plus I made a new Nascar style bolo its called the Race Tire Toss (RTT) 

6 Remote Control anything
This is a how-to for a key fob type remote control. We put one in a Robo Duck 
7 Paint Ball Page
Great things you can do with Co2 and paint ball parts you can make.
8 In-car Yellow Light for Race Cars 
Put the yellow light on the dash and in your ear maybe you won't  be involved in the crash.  
9 Your project could be here   
Put your idea here for free. just e-mail me, and I may put it up.
10 Your project could be here   
Put your idea here for free. just e-mail me, and I may put it up.

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